Thursday, June 18, 2009

my dream about Amelia June 18 2009

I had a dream lastnight. I'm not sure really if it was a dream or if it was and encounter but it was amazing. Out of nowhere i was in a tunnel. It was a big tunnel and the walls weren't very clear but there was this amazing Ora around. There was laughter and birds chirping, children laughing and almost like lunchroom noise. Just alot of people talking. The only thing i could see was peoples legs and feet but yet they weren't clear either. It was faded and it was like i was walking but really more on conveyor belt. I thought i would have been scared but there was this overwhelming welcoming joy that settled upon me. I was with someone but not sure who and when i tried to look up i couldn't. Then out of nowhere someone said there she is, and i saw her. I saw my angel Amelia. She was holding someones hand and i couldn't see who but she almost walked past me and then i yelled meals. She looked up at me and said hi mommy. I dropped to my knees and i grabbed her and hugged her. i told her that i loved her and she said i love you too mommy. I went to apologise for putting her in time out and for not being the greatest mom at that time and i wasn't able to. It was as if no negative was allowed. I held on to her as tight as i could and then she said ok mommy i have to go now. and i said i love you and she said i love you too mommy, bye, She had on the outfit that she died in, the jeans and green/blue shirt and her hair was parted off to the side like always. Her face wasnt clear and that upset me but i took every second in that i could. After she said she had to go i stood up and the scene changed. I was no longer in a tunnel but now i was in a park setting, central park like but central park back in the 60's, I was standing in the middle of the sidewalk area in the central park setting and in front of me but off to the side there was a bench. On the bench there was a young man appeared to be in his 30's or 40's. He had on a black suit but he wasn't clear either. He was on the bench with his head down and his elbows were on his knees, he then looked up at me and gave me a stare. His eyes looked so familiar but i have never seen this man before. He did have a bit of a reseeding hairline and the hair came to a point on top. The young man gave me a look like i have never seen before, it was a look of fierce but calming. It made me feel like everything was ok. Within a few seconds of seeing him and the park it was gone and i woke up. I looked at the clock and i was only sleeping for 18 minuets. I was completely awake as if i never feel asleep. I quickly tried to wake Lou up but he said please don't do this, I'm tired stacy, i explained to him that i saw Amelia, i know i did. I quickly layed on my side and closed my eyes tight in hopes i would see Amelia again or that man. i didn't! This dream has me stumped, i believe Amelia was trying to calm me and tell me she is ok, but who is the man?

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