Monday, February 15, 2010

Keeping myself busy again......a purpose

So Valentines day came and went and i thought about how hard times were the past few days. I have been having it rough, really rough. There were a few days i didn't even want to get out of bed but i did, because of Lilly. I cant punish her because Amelia is not here. Its not her fault and if i am not strong for her, she is going to eventually resent me. so once again to keep myself busy because April is only 45 days or so away, i made a ton of chocolate covered pretzels, and i made candies and cookies and so on. I used a lot of valentines day sprinkles which were pink and purple and reds and whites. Colors which i love and Amelia loved so in a way i still had her with me in that moment of not wanting to think about that stuff. Everyone loved the pretzels and stuff and it really made me want to open up my own candy shop. For a short moment i had a feeling of self worth. I don't know about the rest of you out there. The ones who have lost a child, a piece of you dies with them just like a family member. When you lose someone you lose a piece of you but for those who have lost a child, you lose self worth. Well at least i did. What do i have to live for. I know i have to live for Lillian but what else? Baking and people enjoying my stuff made me feel like i had a purpose.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Kaylynns cake

Well the party was today and the cake turned out amazing. I always get nervous when i am going to a birthday party for one of my nieces because they were so close with Amelia. Doing this cake made me channel my negative/uncomfortable energy and really do something amazing with those thoughts. At the party there were a few moments where i had lost a sense of myself but was shortly gained back. I went into the bathroom and cried twice. That quick hard cry really was enough to get me through another two hours of her party. At one point i sat at the table and ate my way through a few rough patches. I engorged myself in the chip bowl and listened to myself slowly become numb and fat. Everyone commented me on my great job and it felt good. After a horrible past few months to feel accomplished. Amelia would have been proud of mommy and her cake. She always said "your the best cooker." even if i made a grilled cheese or a chef-boy-r-dee. I will post pictures later of her cake.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Keeping myself busy

So to get my mind off of things I keep myself busy. I do a lot around the house like cleaning, and arts and crafts but, I now found a new hobby. Baking cakes. A while back i made a cake for Lou's cousins daughters first birthday, her name was Kherington. It was a three tiere cake with lots of fondant icing. It took a long time but, it really helped me get through a rough patch. Plus it gave me and my dad time to spend together and really worked on our relationship. Well now i have another cake lined up for me. My niece Kaylynn is turning 5 and is having a puppy dog party. She loves dogs so i offered to make her cake. This is what i am doing now. I am planning out her cake. This is keeping me busy. Ive decided to make two sheet cakes, put them together and then make a 3D poodle on top. Somethings i am going to make out of fondant icing like the collar, the face, the paws and so on. Doing things like this have really kept my mind busy but i do become exhausted because of my lovely friend. MS.

Monday, February 8, 2010

It won't stop going.

So my mind has been going non stop over Amelia passing. I cant stop thinking about her but not in a good way. I keep thinking of the moment we found her. It replays in my mind like a record player that has a scratch. Over and over again. I wish there was a medicine that erases parts of your life you don't want there. Not like a xanx where it just makes you numb to certain things i want a pill that will erase Amelia's passing. I want all the memories but, not the memory of the moment we found her, her funeral and the weeks after. To get through the hard times or the hard moments I tell myself that she is on vacation with her dad in Virginia for a VERY long time. This gets me through, well at least for the time being. This works for me on Saturdays and some Sundays because she was with her dad on these days so it is easier for me to get through those thoughts. Now on other days, its a little harder. I think about on Tuesday and Thursdays as well when she was with her dad.

Monday, February 1, 2010

So it is February

So we are now in the month of February. People are excited, Spring is right around the corner. I on the other hand am not. Spring means the anniversary of Amelia's passing. Who wants to relive that. I wish it would stay in Winter, even though I hate the cold, for the rest of my life. Once February is done and then its March and then April. We are two months away. I cant get through this. There is no way i am going to be able to get through the month of April. I used to love spring time. The weather, the flowers, everything. Now i wish it would stay away. Stay away like the stomach bug. All throughout the winter season you try to avoid the bug and take extra precautions not to get sick. Well i am trying to avoid and take extra precautions to avoid April. IMPOSSIBLE. Someone told me to extra medicate myself but i cant. I have a baby i still have to take care of. I have to be strong for her, but April is going to be hard. Is this normal? Someone out there, answer me.