Monday, February 1, 2010

So it is February

So we are now in the month of February. People are excited, Spring is right around the corner. I on the other hand am not. Spring means the anniversary of Amelia's passing. Who wants to relive that. I wish it would stay in Winter, even though I hate the cold, for the rest of my life. Once February is done and then its March and then April. We are two months away. I cant get through this. There is no way i am going to be able to get through the month of April. I used to love spring time. The weather, the flowers, everything. Now i wish it would stay away. Stay away like the stomach bug. All throughout the winter season you try to avoid the bug and take extra precautions not to get sick. Well i am trying to avoid and take extra precautions to avoid April. IMPOSSIBLE. Someone told me to extra medicate myself but i cant. I have a baby i still have to take care of. I have to be strong for her, but April is going to be hard. Is this normal? Someone out there, answer me.

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