Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Keeping myself busy

So to get my mind off of things I keep myself busy. I do a lot around the house like cleaning, and arts and crafts but, I now found a new hobby. Baking cakes. A while back i made a cake for Lou's cousins daughters first birthday, her name was Kherington. It was a three tiere cake with lots of fondant icing. It took a long time but, it really helped me get through a rough patch. Plus it gave me and my dad time to spend together and really worked on our relationship. Well now i have another cake lined up for me. My niece Kaylynn is turning 5 and is having a puppy dog party. She loves dogs so i offered to make her cake. This is what i am doing now. I am planning out her cake. This is keeping me busy. Ive decided to make two sheet cakes, put them together and then make a 3D poodle on top. Somethings i am going to make out of fondant icing like the collar, the face, the paws and so on. Doing things like this have really kept my mind busy but i do become exhausted because of my lovely friend. MS.

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