Monday, January 4, 2010

Anoher day Janurary 4, 2010

Lillian is finally better, thank goodness! my poor baby was really sick for a little while. Im thinking of making her chicken noodle soup for dinner since she is still a bit stuffy. I cook and clean a alot but i have to. Not because no body else will or because im stubborn but because it keeps my mind off of things. I found that if i do something constantly i wont think about the situation as much. I break down a lot ecspecially now more then ever. I break down in the shower often or at night when I lay Lillian down for bed. I wish i could wipe away thise emotions and deal with the pain. i think i could do that. Im strong or so im told. Who knows what i am but i do know one thing and thats all that matters. I love my daughters so very much and i miss Amelia terribly. good night blog world.

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