Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years Eve/New Years Day

So today is New Years Eve. I'm not excited about that at all. I used to get totally stoked and i would go and get a new outfit, go out or go to family's houses and party my ass off. This year I'm not in the mood this year. Lillian is sick, she has a double ear infection and a bad cough. We cant get a sitter and honestly since Lillian is sick i would rather be home with her. Since Amelia passed i have been a bit over protective of her. We spent our night ordering the new dominos pizza which i do not eat. Yuck, i cant stand fake pizza. haha. I sat on the recliner with Lillian and her blanket and snuggled. We decided to have her sleep downstairs with us since she was so sick. I think i fell asleep right before the ball dropped but then to ring in the new year, Lillian threw up right at 12:01. She had so much mucus that it made her gag and then it all came up. Nice way to ring in the new year huh? haha. After all the commotion at midnight, i had a moment to myself. I don't want this year to be over, not because it was a great year, it was a horrible year. I don't want this year over because when i speak about Amelia i will have to say she passed away last year and i don't like that. Not only that but now January is a month closer to April and we all know that April is not going to be a good month for me. thinking about it now i am getting sick to my stomach. Happy New Year Everyone. I hope this new year brings you joy and happiness in every which way.

New years Day

We really didn't do much since Lillian was still sick. She has been on augmentin for a few days now and it still hasn't really kicked in. We went to my moms for some lasagna and ham today. it was nice to see my siblings. I miss hanging with them. We had fun though. Lou got some bad news today that his Uncle Robin is starting to lose his battle with liver cancer. He has been struggling with this monster for years and it really is starting to take a toll on him. Ive said so many prayers for him, i ask Amelia to watch over him and help him fight this struggle but its not looking too good. I'm going to head off to bed, its been a rough day.

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