Saturday, December 26, 2009

Another day

So now that the stress of Christmas is over it feels good to relax. Although i didn't relax today. ha ha. I wanted to presents put away, the old toys and stuff packed away and brought to storage. I felt bad for Lou. We had a rough few days with him being ill so here i was putting all of these tasks on him. His face was priceless when i asked him to take the stuff to storage. I thought he was going to faint. I got a lot accomplished today though. I went into Lillian's room and went through her closet, her toy box and her dresser drawers. I took everything out and put it in piles. Throw away piles, keep piles, storage piles, donation piles. I really cleaned out a lot of junk. She was excited about her new toys. We spent most of the day opening boxes, breaking down boxes and putting stuff away. I found a few things in Lillian's toy box that were Amelia's and it really made me upset. I want my baby home. I want her here with me. I would do anything to hold her for just another second. This really sucks! let me rephrase that this is bullshit!

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