Sunday, December 20, 2009

Cherish the moments

Its five days before Christmas and we finished decorating our Christmas tree, although we got our Christmas decorations from storage like two weeks ago. I guess i had no motivation but who really has it anymore? Christmas isn't like what it used to be ya know. I never really was a Christmas person though, i love Thanksgiving and i love to cook so it my favorite holiday, and Halloween, if you want to call that a holiday. Anyhow, we finished the tree and Lillian had a blast. She hung all of the candy canes right in a little section on the bottom of the tree. When i saw that, i laughed so hard. Our dog Buttercup stole a candy cane off of the tree as well, even though Lillian was up pretty late doing the tree, it was worth the memories. After losing a child, you look at life totally different. I take every moment with my family and cherish it. Times are tough for all of us and even when Lou and i are at our worst, i still cherish moments. You have to, that person may pass and then you will no longer have those moments to cherish. We just found out that Lou's Uncle Robin is quickly losing his battle with cancer. Like i said, Cherish your moments. I'm still not done with the quilts so what i think i am going to do is finish the kids ones and then take the pieces i have to my moms and Lou's moms and give it to them to show them what i have coming but it is just taking a while. I do have my Aunt helping though. Today was another bad day. I had to take my Nana to the hospital, she is 93 and has emphysema and was having trouble breathing. Turns out she has Double pneumonia. they are going to keep her a few days, she was pissed. She kept huffing and puffing. she clearly did not want to stay. I'm going to say a few extra prayers tonight.

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