Friday, December 11, 2009

my projects

well i started to make the quilts and boy i didn't think it was this much work. I'm really considering my choices of Christmas gifts, that's for sure. I have two quilts and four blankets to make. WTF! I got one square done to a piece of the quilt and i am no where near done and i only have a few days to finish. Oh boy i am full of a load of work. I think these quilts are going to be a hit, maybe i have a new niche. I know i can be a bake shop owner that sells handmade crafts, memory blankets and baked goods for your everyday needs. I've got it. i figured it out.... i know i know, I'm amazing. haha! i think i am starting to have some sort of closure though. Cutting up the pieces of clothing that was Amelia's and going through the memories of the clothes. For example, Amelia had a pair of PJ's that had Tinkerbell on them, i remembered her birthday when she got them, i remember her wearing them and so on. All of the clothes i cut i did that with, so taking the clothes apart at the seam and then cutting into strips really gave me some sort of closure and i liked it. I felt at peace for once and i felt okay with it. It really opened up some doors for me to accept Amelia's passing, not in full but a bit and to accept to get rid of a few of her belongings, nothing meaningful but i was able to give my mom a my little pony toy that Amelia played with, things like that. I really feel like i am moving in the right direction.

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