Thursday, October 22, 2009

Cake for Kherington

This week I have alot planned to keep myself busy. I am making a cake for Kheringtons first birthday party which is going to be nice. Renee wants a three tiere cake and then a big cupcake on top. The party theme is cupcakes. I went and got some of the stuff today which i enjoyed. I loved the cake shop i went to in Easton. They had everything possible. Every cookie cutter you can imagine and so on. I then stopped over my dads to discuss the cake and show him the layout i had of the cake. I drew up a couple ideas to show him. He has done a couple tiere cakes so he is my advice guy. I really enjoyed my hanging out with my dad. It got me out of the house and i had some me time, which i needed. My dad and i laughed alot, something he nor i have done in a while. Told him i would be back tomorrow which is today to start the cake. I got there around 11:30 and i started to work. I never knew how much tedious work rolling out fondant was. We got alot done today. Have a few more things to do and add the finishing touches. I'm so excited to see what the results are. I loved being in the kitchen again. Made me feel like i was a kid all over again, like when i worked at the Sun Inn or when i was working for my cousin Robbie. I absolutely love being in the kitchen. There is just something about it. Its a comfort state, a fresh childhood memory that when opened up, it brings me joy and happiness. I'm going to finish the cake tomorrow. Halloween is coming up and I'm stressing about it. Amelia wont be here and that saddens me. of course her not being here is sad, its going to be hard to see all the little 4 year old girls all dressed up saying trick or treat. Oh my love, i miss her!

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