Sunday, October 25, 2009

Her cake

22 hours, that is how long it took me to make Kheringtons cake and it was a big hit! i made it 4 tieres, the bottom was a vanilla cake with one layer strawberries and fresh cream the second layer was vanilla pudding. The second tiere was a chocolate cake with fresh strawberries, the third tiere was a vanilla cake with pudding in the middle of one layer and strawberries n whipped cream on the other. the top layer was a big cupcake made out of rice crispy treats and it was covered in fondant. I had a blast making this cake and it really helped me and my dad bond more which is something i don't think we ever did, if we did it wasn't like this. I actually do remember our last time we spent together, i was 9, it was about 3 Am and he just got home from the restaurant. He worked all the time so we didn't see him often but we were well taking care of. Anyway, he came home and went into the dining room where we had a beautiful baby grand piano. He started to play the piano, which he is amazingly talented i came down the steps, mesmerised at how beautiful the music was. I stood behind him listening, watching him rock back n forth back n forth to the music he was playing. I embraced him for a second and then i sat next to him. He looked over at me and smiled and kept playing. That was the last time we spent time, quality time where there was no awkward conversations. So the time we spent on Kheringtons cake was worth the 22 hours. The party was nice and everyone enjoyed the way my cake looked and i was a satisfied with it, being its my first cake. I know Amelia would have been so proud of me. She would have been so amazed. I wish i would have mad her a cake like that. I miss her!!

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