Sunday, October 18, 2009

Lillians party

Lillian's party was a hit! It was set up so nice, i made a ton of food. I made these centerpieces, there was pink, purple, orange, green and blue everywhere. I made baked ziti, meatball subs, meat balls with brown gravy, barbecue, pasta salad, potato salad, a ton of dips like garlic dip, spinach dip, bacon dip, there was baked beans and a anti pasta. there was also, cookies, and cream puffs. I loved her cake. It was a big Dora cake. She loved it. Dora everywhere. All the tables had confetti that i made, there was candy all over the tables different kinds, Dora fruit snacks everywhere, girls bracelets and so on. I really over did it and it was worth every second. She got alot of Dora toys which she loves and she loved the attention. I'm so glad my little girl had a great day, there was one thing missing and that was Amelia. She would have loved the party. She was a party lover. We would always have people over on Sundays at our house, we would host a dinner party or a payperview party and she would love it. Lou and her would go to the store to get some stuff and she would return with flowers in her hand for me from her Louie, and Lillian. It was sweet. I miss those days, i miss her going Louie were having a wrestling party. I can picture her doing that funny dance she did when she would say it. I watched all the little kids and i pictured Amelia talking with them and running around calling Kaylynn and Avery over to where she was. Oh Meals!

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