Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday

WOW! Black Friday is insane but i still go every year. I don't know if its because i am a night owl and a morning person. I barely ever sleep and when i do sleep its not for long. I wasn't always like this, it only started when i became diagnosed with MS. Most people need to function with a eight hours of sleep i can function on half of that. I went to sleep about 7 and woke up about 1:30 AM. I got up and went and picked up my deaf Aunt Sally from her house. This was her first time that she ever went shopping on black Friday. She was in for a ride. I then went to my moms house, she was getting ready so i made a cup of tea. I drink hot lipton tea not coffee although time to time i do drink coffee. we headed to Walmart. I got to Walmart and got a cart immediately and headed to my baby dolls section that i needed to be at. Then it was complete chaos! although i got my baby dolls that i was targeted for it was still nuts. i didn't spend that much money, i didn't have a lot either! ha ha. It was rough actually. I saw a ton of things that i wanted to buy for Amelia. I kept saying to myself, "Oh Amelia would have loved that. Meals would have wanted that for Christmas." and so on. Last year for Christmas we wrote Santa a note and told Santa everything she wanted and she wrote one for Lillian too. I pictured Amelia doing that again but this time she would have written it more detailed because of how much she had grown up in a year.

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