Monday, September 7, 2009

2O Mondays

Has it really been 20 Mondays? Many people would think that 2o isn't alot, eh its only 5 months but for me it seems like years. Mondays are the hardest for me, i hate them and i do anything in my power to try to bring myself closer to her on Mondays. Little things like wear Hannah Montana socks, there is a story behind them. For Easter this year she got a pair of Hannah Montana socks in her Easter basket. She was a fan. Well the day she passed away that morning, i was cleaning up their Easter baskets and i said here's you socks meals. She went to put them on and they were too big. She said, " Here mommy, you can have my Hannah Montana socks." and then handed them to me. I was soo in love, she was giving and great. So i put them on, i was excited about it. We were sitting on her bed then teaching Lillian words and Amelia was excited because Lillian said ball, which meals had Easter eggs on her socks and Lillian called them balls. We were so proud. Then Louie came in Amelia's room and she said, "you look yummy Louie." we both had a laugh, I told Lou, prior to Amelia saying that, that he looked yummy. He had a nice outfit on. Anyway so on Mondays, I often tell Louie he looks yummy, and i wear Hannah Montana socks, I went and bought a few more and a few Mater ones too, that was her other favorite. I started a tradition and Lillian has caught on. Every Monday since her Birthday Balloon Send off me, Lou, and Lilly let three balloons go in the air. Sometimes we will write on them or sometimes they are blank. Monday nights after Lillian's tubby, which now we have to do it earlier because of the time change it gets darker sooner, but as soon as i get the balloons Lillian says, boon boons to sissy, which means, balloons up to sissy. Ive always heard stories of people losing a child and i always thought, not me. That will never happen to me, once it did, i realized anything is possible in this world.

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