Monday, September 28, 2009

More Memories

My birthday is coming up next week and I'm stressing over it. I wont be able to spend it with Amelia like i used to. Last year for my birthday, she came in the house from the store with Lou ran to me with a gift bag full of goodies. It was so sweet. She was a lover, she loved everyone and she was so friendly. Very outgoing. When i think of the memories i have of her, i close my eyes so tight and keep telling myself them because i want them to be as vivid as they are and never fade. I always want those memories to stay and never leave. I'm afraid i will forget her. I don't like even thinking of that, it immediately makes me sick to my stomach. Thinking of her right now is making me cry but laugh at the same time. She would wiggle her butt, often when she danced. I laughed so hard. I remember onetime i was doing my Carmen Electra work out, its called fit to strip and it teaches you some sexy moves and she was doing it with me the one day. Oh my goodness, then she stuck her butt out and smacked it. I laughed so hard. In the morning after breakfast i would sometimes dance with the girls during my cleaning. I would blast the music, and i came across this CD, it was a older CD with mixed songs i think it was like a NOW CD. Anyway, it had that Jermaine Dupri song, she said and the Ferrari and Jaguar switching four lanes, cash out money ain't a thang. I looked up and lost it. I said, how do you know this song? I sent her dad a text asking if he listened to that song and he said no but i didn't care, i laughed so hard. I think she would have been a artist, choreographer, musician, something along those lines. She was creative and outgoing. I know she would have been successful. She was 3 and knew more sign language then most adults know, i brag about her alot but i cant express how amazing she truly was. When i tell people about her, i think they think that i fabricate the stories a bit but there is no fabrication here. Pure honesty!

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