Tuesday, July 7, 2009

the man is confirmed, July 7 2009

So its a few days since my dream and i stopped over to my moms house. I had to tell her about my dream. I cant get this guy out of my mind. So i told her all the details and then explained the and to her. She said that that was my grandfather who passed a few years prior. I asked her if she had a picture of him when he was younger and she went back to her room and grabbed a picture of him back when he was in this 40's. As soon as i saw the picture i broke down and cried. It was the man in my dreams. I couldn't believe it. So now my questions are answered i really did see Amelia and that really was my grandfather. I'm in shock. Since that day every night i close my eyes and i wish i would see Amelia again. I need to see her again. Although since my dream of her i have been a wreck but i know that one day i will see her again. I wonder if anyone else has had an encounter like this?

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