Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday and the Rosary beads

So today is Friday. Another day in my book but an exciting day for others. My mission today is to finish up these flyers and get them in the mail. About a year ago, i was laying with Amelia in my bed, we were talking, doing our prayers when i figured now should be the time to show Amelia mommys rosary beads and explain what they are. I had two sets, one pair of crystal ones from when i made my first communion and the other are from my grandmother who those were her mothers and so fourth. They are old. The newer ones were blessed by the Pope years ago when he was in NY. I gave her the ones that were blessed and i told her, put these between your pillow and pillow case at night and when we do our prayers we will hold them and as long as they are under your pillow you will be safe. She loved it, thought it was the greatest. Everynight we did prayers, and our nightly routine. Then one day we were at Giant and i got her one of those things out of the machines where you pay 50 cents. It was a rubber ducky, a tiny one, Then i got her another one. That night when we did our prayers she gave me her one duck and said you sleep with this under your pillow and ill sleep with mine. I cried, she wasnt your average 3 year old that is for sure. Well in the mixed of all of the comotion that was going on, on April 20, 2009, The detective that took Amelias pillow didnt know that there were those items in her pillow case and they are lost. I came home from the hospital and was horrified, they are gone, those are my babys items, the sentimental value is big. We all searched high and low, we looked everywhere, the tiny baby duck was found but not the rosary beads. So i went and printed up over 80 flyers, got all the addresses around our house and i am going to send these flyers out. They explain the story and the rosary beads. There is a big field across the street from our house and that is where the duck was, that is where the detective was parked and that is where my mother in law found a tag with our address on it. Our neighbors have kids that play in that field and walk through and people take walks passed our house. It just asks that when they take a walk to keep an extra eye out and if they were to find them to please bring them home so we can sleep a bit safer like she said she did. Well i am going to go put them in the envelopes and stamp them and out to the mail they go. This will take me about an hour so that is an hour that i will be busy so my mind wont be able to wonder, thank goodness.

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